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Employee Health Checks Deliver Measurable Benefits

At the core of the Work Wellness Vital Signs Employee Health Check programme is an expert system which recently won the Personnel Today Occupational Health and Wellbeing Award.

Personnel Today

Personnel Today presented the nation’s Best Wellbeing Initiative 2021 award to the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Team at York and Scarborough NHS Foundation Trust (YSFT) for their employee health assessment programme. 

OHW Awards 2021

In particular, the judges described YSFT’s use of the Health Diagnostics expert system as “innovative”.  This system receives biometric, genetic and lifestyle information about your employees and uses NICE accredited calculators to output their health scores and heart age.

Work Wellness employee health assessments use Health Diagnostics software

Work Wellness Vital Signs Employee Health Checks also use the Health Diagnostics expert system to interact in real time with your employees, re-calculating their “what if I change?” health scores and heart age to gain lasting commitment to positive lifestyle changes and improved physical resilience.cropped Logo Dark png

The YSFT programme delivered annual follow-up checks to 35 employees.  The expert system recorded every detail, enabling analysis of changes in employee lifestyles and resultant health risks.  Analysis revealed that:


  • Physical activity scores increased by an average of 5%.
  • Alcohol dependency scores fell by an average of 7%.
  • Waist circumferences reduced by an average of 4cm.
  • Blood pressures reduced by approximately 4%
  • The risk of employees developing type 2 diabetes in the next 10 years fell by an average of 6%.
  • The risk of employees dying in the next 10 years from cardiovascular disease fell by 18% and from all causes fell by 14%.

The results achieved by YSFT further support and re-enforce those achieved from over 500 Work Wellness Vital Signs Employee Health Checks in support of several employee wellness programmes in England and Wales.  Analysis revealed that:

  • 25 (5%) employees were identified with previously un-diagnosed and untreated health risks severe enough to require immediate GP referral.
  • 40 (8%) had pre-existing conditions making them vulnerable to developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.
  • 175 (35%) committed to positive lifestyle changes resulting in a 3 year improvement in heart age between annual assessments.

Please click here to find out more about the Work Wellness Vital Signs Employee Health Check programme.Work Wellness employee health assessments

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