Occupational Health & Wellness Services

Keeping Your Workforce Well

Qualified and experienced Occupational Health Specialist Practitioners supporting employers across the West Midlands and  nationwide.

We are dedicated to “Keeping Your Workforce Well” by establishing understanding, trust and rapport with you and your employees, tailoring our services to your particular business needs and guiding you through to getting the best possible health outcomes.

Work Wellness Services

Work Wellness deliver a complete service incorporating all four Principles of Occupational Health and Wellness or we can deliver individual service components, depending upon your needs.

Why Choose Work Wellness?


Quality isn’t just what we put into our service, it’s what you will get out of it.


We’ll guide you every step of the way, you don’t need to be the expert to use our services.


We’ll look after your company’s interests as if they are our own.


We’ll help you prove the value of your investment.

By choosing Work Wellness you are giving your organisation the best possible chance of realising value from your investment in Occupational Health and Wellness.

Analysis of over 30,000 employees across 173 UK organizations found that mental and/or physical health accounted for more than 84% of direct effects on productivity loss, as well as 93% of indirect influences1.

Research from the London School of Economics2 concluded that investing in employee wellbeing had a substantial positive effect on customer loyalty, productivity, staff turnover and company profitability.

The share price performance of US companies recognised for investing in cost effective health and wellbeing programmes outperformed their peers by 3x during 2000 to 20143.

According to feedback from 2,282 UK employees, the most important role for managers to play in 2021 is to ensure staff wellbeing4.

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