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Work Wellness employee health assessments

1. Vital Signs Physical Health Checks.  Key Features


A confidential, 60 minute health and lifestyle conversation with empathetic and experienced Occupational Health Specialist Practitioners.  


Biometric measures taken with clinically validated and regularly calibrated equipment.  NICE accredited calculation of physical health risks.


Delivered at your site, turning a private meeting room into a clinic for up to 5 employee health assessments per day.


Our unique expert system interacts in real time, re-calculating your employee’s “what if I change?” health risks to gain lasting commitment to positive lifestyle changes and improved physical resilience.


We mine the rich Vital Signs database to inform occupational health and wellness programmes targeted to the specific needs of your business.

2. Vital Signs Physical Health Checks.  Step by Step Guide

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Reliable employee health assessments can be affected by overly optimistic or pessimistic recall of exercise and activity levels, diet, family health history and alcohol consumption (surveys find a tendency towards optimism). 

To ensure reliable employee health assessments, we encourage accurate disclosure of these health risk factors by:

  • Establishing trust and rapport.
  • Listening without judgement and acknowledging your employee’s feelings.

Highly predictive bio-metrics are carefully measured and input into reliable employee health assessments:

  • Height / waist ratio (body shape) and height / weight ratio (Body Mass Index).
  • Blood pressure, pulse and atrial fibrillation.
  • Oxygen saturation level (less than 95% may indicate impaired lung function or circulation or iron deficiency).
  • Good and bad cholesterol and glucose (involving  small skin prick).

All measurements are taken in compliance with clinical best practice guidelines using regularly calibrated medical equipment.  For example:

  • Logo Bolton NHS 2The Cholesterol Analyser is calibrated every month by CPA (UK) Ltd (the accredited Laboratory Medicine department at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust).
  • The blood pressure monitor is clinically validated by the British Hypertension Society.

Nice QRISK 2.Cardiovascular Health Risk.  Calculated using the QRisk2 algorithm. It is National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommended for a full formal assessment of the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in the next 10 years.

Logo Diabetes UK.Type 2 Diabetes Risk.  Calculated using an algorithm developed by Diabetes UK in collaboration with the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. It is NICE recommended for use by GPs and other primary healthcare professionals to predict the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes within 10 years.

Logo Audit C.

Alcohol Related Health Risk.  Calculated using the AUDIT-C algorithm (Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test). AUDIT-C is sponsored by the World Health Organisation.

Expert System Screen.

This is a non-judgemental and motivational conversation supported by:

  • Fact sheets which have evolved over hundreds of plain English, jargon free conversations.  They cover subjects such as: Sleep, Diet, Alcohol, Smoking, Keeping Active, Walking, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol.
  • Our unique expert system automatically recalculates health risk scores based upon positive lifestyle change intentions such as stopping smoking, reducing drinking, increasing physical activity and losing weight.  In this way we can have a “what if” conversation, modifying lifestyle change intentions and testing their impact on health scores before gaining lasting commitment to a final set of achievable lifestyle changes.


Our Work Wellness practitioner will recommend links to additional self-help resources, sign-posting to local contacts and referrals to specialist practitioners if they are likely to help in sustaining positive lifestyle changes.

Employees identified with:

  • Health risks exceeding national primary care thresholds are offered a referral to their GP supported with a personalised letter to hand over at the GP appointment.
  • Health condition(s) which may be caused or aggravated by their job or which may be affecting their attendance or job performance can be referred back to Work Wellness for a formal Occupational Health Assessment.

By the end of the Vital Signs Physical Health Check we will have discussed a lot of information, answered many questions and your employee will be feeling positive and motivated. We don’t want them to lose that feeling once they’re back at their workplace.

So they’ll be able to take away a personalised report containing 11 pages of; the measures we’ve taken, the lifestyle changes we’ve discussed, their impact on health risk scores, where to find self-help resources and referral routes to get further help.  That’s a lot of information to digest, so the report carefully structures it alongside plain English guidance.

Vital Signs Physical Health Checks may not identify any significant health risks.  Alternatively, as a result of a GP referral, your employee may now be receiving some form of treatment to reduce those risks.

In any event, we encourage your employee to come back for follow-up employee health assessments every year. Our expert system remembers them and re-presents their previous and latest information side by side, thereby freeing up time for a conversation about progress, any issues and next steps.

3. Vital Signs Physical Health Checks.  Insights

Work Wellness Vital Signs Physical Health Checks generate a rich database of health measures about your employees which we’ll mine for insights and ideas for targeting occupational health provision and proactive wellness initiatives at the specific needs of your business.

Annual Workforce Health Insights can be provided free of charge if at least 100 health checks have been purchased during that year

Browse the example insights:

4. Vital Signs Physical Health Checks.  Why Invest

Heart disease risk factorsPromote: The costs of getting it wrong:

Employee contribution to your organisation can be impaired by un-diagnosed but preventable health problems.

Of the 19,000 Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) related deaths amongst working age adults in 2017, 80% were lifestyle related and preventable.  For example, high blood pressure or high cholesterol increases CVD risk by 300%.

However, many UK adults are simply unaware that they are at risk1.  For example, whilst 4% of UK adults have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, a further 30.3% have high cholesterol but don’t yet know it.

Complete Solution 3dPromote: The benefits of getting it right:

Nearly 500 Vital Signs Physical Health Checks across several organisations have:

  • Identified 5% of employees with physical health risks severe enough to require immediate GP referral.
  • Identified 8% of employees with pre-existing conditions making them vulnerable to developing severe COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Gained commitment to positive lifestyle changes from 35% of employees resulting in a 3 year improvement in heart age, measured between annual assessments.

5. Vital Signs Physical Health Checks.  Fact Sheets

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Work Wellness employee health assessments use Health Diagnostics software

Work Wellness are proud to partner with Health Diagnostics to deliver health checks.  The Health Diagnostics expert system:

  • Calculates health risk factors based upon the bio-metric measurements we have taken and the information disclosed by your employee.
  • Encrypts and securely stores all of this information.
  • Uses NICE accredited; Cardiovascular Disease, Type-2 Diabetes, Alcohol, Anxiety and Depression health risk calculators.
  • A simplified version is widely used across the NHS.
  1. What are the cost- savings and health benefits of improving detection and management for six high cardiovascular risk conditions in England? An economic evaluation.  British Medical Journal.  10 September 2020.[]