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Employee Anxiety Levels

Manage increased employee anxiety levels with the Mind Matters Mental Health Assessment Programme

We are bombarded with statistics about the mental health crisis and increased employee anxiety levels. This headline from the Mail Online is an example. But quoting numbers doesn’t help solve our day to day management challenge, of identifying and helping the one in five of our employees who are struggling and need support. This is where the Mind Matters Employee Mental Health assessment programme can help.

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Mental health first aid training courses

How often do I need to renew my Mental Health First Aid certification?

MHFA England recommend a Refresher course every 3 years. This is the minimum for active practitioners. If you are inactive then attend a Refresher and work through your original course manual before you start practicing. If you have doubts about your proficiency, your visibility or your confidence then consider Work Wellness Mental Health First Aider Support.

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What is Your Heart Age?

Public Health England urges you to find out your ‘heart age’, with 50 preventable deaths from heart attack or stroke happening every day.

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