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Work Wellness Support for Mental Health First Aiders

Supporting mental health first aiders

1. Key Features


Your First Aiders have direct email, phone or video access to an accredited Mental Health First Aid trainer who is also an experienced Occupational Health Specialist Practitioner.


Non-judgemental guidance and reassurance:

  • Builds the confidence your First Aiders need to be active and visible in supporting mental wellness amongst their colleagues. 
  • Prevents self-doubt from developing for want of an experienced second opinion and reassurance.


The support price is fixed for each First Aider, regardless of how many times they call upon support.  When we train more than 6 employees, the price is waived during their first year post certification.

2. Step by Step Guide

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Your Mental Health First Aider has just completed a 2 day course of intense knowledge acquisition, they also have a manual to refer to back in the workplace.

Work Wellness First Aider Support picks up where our training left off.   Go to Step 2.

Your First Aider is given direct email access to a Work Wellness Practitioner who:

  • Is an accredited Mental Health First Aid trainer, usually the same person who trained your First Aider.  So they are familiar with your First Aider’s existing knowledge base.
  • Is also an experienced Occupational Health Specialist Practitioner with years of training, clinical supervision and accumulated knowledge and wisdom to share about overcoming common barriers such as:
    • Concerns about the confidentiality of medical and personally sensitive information confided to them.
    • Initiating and maintaining non-judgemental conversations to encourage disclosure and to avoid adverse reactions.
    • A fundamental fear of being able to support colleagues in safeguarding situations involving; disclosure of sensitive and distressing information, anger, intoxication or talk of suicide.

The Practitioner:

  • Is non-judgemental; there are no right or wrong answers.
  • Supportive of personal accountability; your First Aider must ultimately decide how they use the support provided.
  • Provides a safe and confidential space for your First Aider to talk through their dilemmas and to develop “practice skills” such as:
    • “I feel like I’m getting too involved in a colleague’s situation, how can I re-establish boundaries?”
    • “Based upon the information a colleague disclosed to me I referred them to a specialist. Did I do the right thing?”
    • “I’ve encountered a particular situation and found myself outside of my comfort zone, can I just check whether I did the right thing?”

Upon receipt of an email support request from your First Aider, the Practitioner will aim to respond by email within 2 working days.

The Practitioner may choose to initiate a telephone conversation or conference call depending upon the urgency and nature of the support request.

Work Wellness will feedback information on how often the service is used and importantly, how the service is being used.  This feedback can identify workplace barriers to be addressed in order to improve the success of your Mental Health First Aid programme. 

The information we feedback is always aggregated and anonymised to protect the confidentiality of individual First Aiders.