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Occupational Health Standards.

Employer Guide to Regulation, Medical Ethics and Best Practice


Occupational Health Standards. Know, Assess, Adjust/Control and Monitor

Occupational health standards are determined by; regulationyour common law duty of care to your employees and implied terms in employment contracts.  These standards require you to:


That your employee’s fitness to work1 and perform2 is affected by a health condition or that work3 poses a risk to their health when you could reasonably have been expected to do so.


The degree of effect or risk using an adequately trained person.


For the effect or risk taking all reasonably practical steps.


The continued adequacy of adjustments / controls and change them if necessary.

The other pages in this Occupational Health Standards section provide the essential details you need to achieve these fundamental standards.

  1. ‘Fitness’ is meant to define your employee’s mental and physical capacity to perform at work.[]
  2. ‘Performance’ is meant to include; attendance, time keeping, demonstrating behaviours, accepting responsibilities, owning accountabilities and delivering outputs reasonably expected of your employee.[]
  3. ‘Work’ is meant to include your employee’s; duties, equipment, working pattern, working environment, conditions, demands and exposures.[]