About Work Wellness

Work Wellness services are available to employers in Solihull and the West Midlands

We deliver in your workplace, turning a private meeting room into a clinic or training venue for the day

We work with you to market the services to your employees and to plan and schedule roll-out.

We’ll feedback statistics including detailed insights into the lifestyles and health risks amongst your employees

Success for us is measured in lives changed for the better, by positive feedback and by the occasional bouquet of flowers from a thankful employee!

We take care to understand you, your business and your employees  so we can tailor our services for maximum impact.

Our services are delivered by qualified practitioners with the experience and time to build a rapport with you and your employees for lasting impact

Our Founder and Clinical Director

Fiona Sanderson is a highly qualified medical practitioner.  She:

  • Is an NMC Registered Nurse
  • Has an Occupational Health Specialist Practitioner Degree
  • Has qualifications in Communications and Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Practice
  • Is accredited by MHFA England to deliver their range of MHFA training courses
  • Has significant experience in providing occupational health services, mental and physical health assessments and mental health training to clients in the Midlands travel, engineering and retail sectors
  • Is passionate about the contribution Work Wellness can make to keeping your workforce well