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The role of OH services in the prevention of COVID-19

There is a great deal that OH services can contribute to reducing the COVID-19 burden on organisations … with some well organised and carefully selected health promotion initiatives.

Posted on the Society of Occupational Medicine web site.  Wed, 02/09/2020 – 11:39

Vital Signs and Mind Matters Assessments should form an integral part of your health promotion initiatives.  Delivered by experienced Work Wellness Occupational Health Specialist Practitioners, they can provide accurate health risk assessments, place both COVID specific and general health risks into context and help allay any fears.  On the other hand, they can identify elevated risks, get to the root cause of what’s causing them, help address them, recommend adjustments to better control them and also signpost to self-help resources or refer on to other practitioners for more specialist treatments.

Work Wellness employee health assessments

Vital Signs Physical Health & COVID Vulnerability Assessments incorporate the “COVID-Age” risk assessment developed by the Association of Local Authority Medical Advisors.  They take an hour per employee and are conducted at your site according to your (and our) COVID-Secure Policy, turning a private meeting room into a clinic for the day.

Work Wellness employee mental health assessment

Mind Matters Mental Health Assessments incorporate anxiety and depression calculations endorsed by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence for use in primary care situations (e.g., during GP consultations and Mind Matters Mental Health Assessments).  They take 45 minutes per employee and are conducted at your site or remotely by video conference or telephone.

In our experience, Vital Signs and Mind Matters Assessments are the most powerful health promotion tools available to employers.   But they also have considerable value in assessing the physical and mental resilience of individual employees as they return to work post lock down.

In a previous article we described how the Government, the Health and Safety Executive, lawyers and other senior sources are all advising employers to conduct individual level health risk assessments.  So Vital Signs and Mind Matters Assessments could also help you avoid the risk of future claims under the various health, safety and employment laws. 

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