Work Wellness clinical practitioners have experience of handling long term and persistent absenteeism and employees struggling with long term illnesses across many organisations and industrial sectors.  Its that experience which enables us:

To handle each unique and often complex and challenging situation with confidence

To recommend and agree appropriate adjustments and solutions with everyone concerned

To simplify the management task to restore full productivity compliant with legislation and company policy

To assure you of our continued advice and support to call upon if you need it

To structure each situation into a 3 step case which is clear and understood by everyone concerned

We’ll ask you for all relevant information about the employee’s duties, attendance history, reasons for absence, what you’ve done so far and any questions you would like us to explore. We’ll agree whether a telephone or face to face consultation is appropriate. We’ll then arrange an appointment with the employee quickly, usually within 10 working days of the referral.

We’ll confidentially consult with your employee to understand:
  • Their medical history and current state of physical and mental well being
  • Their spoken and unspoken reasons for absence which might include work, lifestyle and family related issues
  • Feasible options to restore productivity including reasonable adjustments and phased re-introduction to role requirements
If we need access to medical records then we’ll seek your employee’s consent to approach their treating physician or specialist.

We’ll feedback sound, reliable, evidence-based advice on return to work timescales and reasonable adjustments subject to employee consent. We’ll also ensure you receive answers to specific questions you asked in your original referral.

We will provide brief immediate verbal feedback if that’s what you require.

We’ll also provide a detailed report. We use a logical reporting structure to help ensure all relevant information is captured and passed back to you, but the content and recommendations will be specific to the case and all its complexities.

We may recommend onward referral to specialists such as the employee’s GP where cases prove particularly complex or have legal implications. As always, we’ll be there to support you as you work through our recommendations.