Work Wellness and its network of associate specialist practitioners offer a full range of Occupational Health services.  The most common services requested by employers to date, are:

You will have been careful to avoid discrimination on grounds of health or disability during the recruitment process and you may not be fully aware of health issues which will need to be accommodated.

By following our 3 step process, we can help your new starter climb the learning and development curve up to full productivity and avoid longer term productivity dips due to presenteeism and absenteeism.

We’ll guide you through a sequence of questions to help us understand the specific and general health requirements of the role. We’ll then design an appropriate questionnaire to send to your new starters (for example if the role involves the operation of dangerous equipment then we’ll include a question about epilepsy)

You will typically include the questionnaire with the formal job offer letter and return the completed questionnaire back to Work Wellness

We’ll advise:

  • Any statutory and legal reasons why an individual may not carry out particular work
  • Any potential health risk exposures involved in the job (e.g., noise, vibration, etc) which could exacerbate any pre-existing health conditions the candidate has declared
  • The need to accommodate any disability or other health issues (physical adaptations, working hours)

If the responses indicate an unusual or more complex cause for concern then we may request permission to investigate in further detail with your new starter over the telephone or face to face.

Work Wellness will normally respond to the manager or HR within 5 working days of receipt of the completed questionnaire with an assessment of fitness for work and any recommendations for reasonable adjustments.

The concentration spans of employees can be disrupted by; interruptions, taxing problems, boredom, hunger pangs and aches and pains. A comfortable working position and posture can help your employees work through these disruptions and increase their productivity. A comfortable working position and posture may also alleviate or help avoid the development of musculoskeletal conditions.

Work Wellness offer two levels of workstation assessment

 Standard AssessmentAdvanced Assessment
Positioning of your display screen equipment, chair and desk relative to your physical needs and shape
Observation and analysis of body postures during performance of tasks
Establish and consider relevant clinical history, symptoms and injuries
Plain English advice on activity and posture to alleviate or help avoid the development of musculoskeletal conditions and increase concentration spans
Documented copy of the assessment, observations and recommendations
Assessment Duration20 mins50 mins
ReportUp to 40 minsUp to 70 mins



Exceptional recommendations such as desk height adjustments, chair upgrades or specialist clinical referrals are provided to the line manager / HR as appropriate.

Work Wellness clinical practitioners have experience of handling long term and persistent absenteeism and employees struggling with long term illnesses across many organisations and industrial sectors.  Its that experience which enables us:

To handle each unique and often complex and challenging situation with confidence

To recommend and agree appropriate adjustments and solutions with everyone concerned

To simplify the management task to restore full productivity compliant with legislation and company policy

To assure you of our continued advice and support to call upon if you need it

To structure each situation into a 3 step case which is clear and understood by everyone concerned

We’ll ask you for all relevant information about the employee’s duties, attendance history, reasons for absence, what you’ve done so far and any questions you would like us to explore. We’ll agree whether a telephone or face to face consultation is appropriate. We’ll then arrange an appointment with the employee quickly, usually within 10 working days of the referral.

We’ll confidentially consult with your employee to understand:
  • Their medical history and current state of physical and mental well being
  • Their spoken and unspoken reasons for absence which might include work, lifestyle and family related issues
  • Feasible options to restore productivity including reasonable adjustments and phased re-introduction to role requirements
If we need access to medical records then we’ll seek your employee’s consent to approach their treating physician or specialist.

We’ll feedback sound, reliable, evidence-based advice on return to work timescales and reasonable adjustments subject to employee consent. We’ll also ensure you receive answers to specific questions you asked in your original referral.

We will provide brief immediate verbal feedback if that’s what you require.

We’ll also provide a detailed report. We use a logical reporting structure to help ensure all relevant information is captured and passed back to you, but the content and recommendations will be specific to the case and all its complexities.

We may recommend onward referral to specialists such as the employee’s GP where cases prove particularly complex or have legal implications. As always, we’ll be there to support you as you work through our recommendations.

Wherever possible, Work Wellness Occupational Health Solutions are delivered at the workplace to:

  • Reduce employee downtime and avoid obstacles travelling to a 3rd party site
  • Develop the familiarity and rapport which leads to full disclosure, deeper understanding and reliable recommendations
  • Help both parties; your employees become familiar with us and we develop a more intimate understanding of your business, your culture, your policies and your processes