You will have been careful to avoid discrimination on grounds of health or disability during the recruitment process and you may not be fully aware of health issues which will need to be accommodated.

Depending upon the role, up to 10% of new starters will need some form of reasonable adjustment.

By following our 3 step process, we can help your new starter climb the learning and development curve up to full productivity and avoid longer term productivity dips due to presenteeism and absenteeism.

We’ll guide you through a sequence of questions to help us understand the specific and general health requirements of the role. We’ll then design an appropriate questionnaire to send to your new starters (for example if the role involves the operation of dangerous equipment then we’ll include a question about epilepsy)

You will typically include the questionnaire with the formal job offer letter and return the completed questionnaire back to Work Wellness

We’ll advise:

  • Any statutory and legal reasons why an individual may not carry out particular work
  • Any potential health risk exposures involved in the job (e.g., noise, vibration, etc) which could exacerbate any pre-existing health conditions the candidate has declared
  • The need to accommodate any disability or other health issues (physical adaptations, working hours)

If the responses indicate an unusual or more complex cause for concern then we may request permission to investigate in further detail with your new starter over the telephone or face to face.

Work Wellness will normally respond to the manager or HR within 5 working days of receipt of the completed questionnaire with an assessment of fitness for work and any recommendations for reasonable adjustments.