MHFA England Mental Health Training and Awareness
Certified training for Mental Health First Aiders and Managers. We equip you with the techniques and confidence to support and manage team members with mental health issues
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  • All courses are delivered at your workplace by an experienced Occupational Health Practitioner and accredited MHFA England Instructor
  • The courses are a mix of presentations, situational videos, discussions, and group work activities.
  • Our instructor provides a safe learning environment and is trained to support delegates throughout the whole course.
  • There are no formal assessments but delegates who attend all sections of a course are awarded MHFA England accreditation
  • Give your people the tools to keep themselves and their colleagues healthy
  • Encourage them to access support when it’s needed, for a faster recovery
  • Empower people with a long term mental health issue or disability to thrive in work
  • Stop preventable health issues arising by building a supportive culture around mental health
  • Help to embed positive, long term cultural change across your organisation

Become more self-aware about your own mental health, gain a basic awareness of mental health illnesses and how to help yourself and others around you.

What you will learn

What is mental health?
Mental Health Continuum
Factors which affect mental health
Stress and stress management
Spotting signs of distress
Mental health conditions
Take 10 Together – starting a supportive conversation
Supporting mental health in the workplace
Useful statistics
Helpful resources

Ideal for line managers.  Understand common mental health illnesses, support your own mental health and manage colleagues with mental health issues.

What you will learn

About Mental Health First Aid
About mental health and stress in the workplace
Stigma and discrimination
Anxiety disorders
Other mental health issues (eating disorders, self-harm, psychosis)
Early warning signs of mental ill health
Alcohol, drugs and mental health
Applying the Mental Health First Aid action plan
Building a mentally healthy workplace
Action planning for using MHFA

Become a certified Mental Health First Aider for your organisation.  Recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health illnesses and effectively guide a colleague towards the right support.

What you will learn

Why Mental Health First Aid?  Crisis first aid after a traumatic event
What is mental health?  Alcohol, drugs and anxiety disorders
Impact of mental health issues  Treatment and resources for anxiety disorders
Stigma and discrimination  Cognitive distortions and cognitive behavioural therapy
What is depression?  Personality disorders
Symptoms of depression  Eating disorders
Risk factors for depression  Self-harm
Depression in the workplace  What is psychosis?
First aid for depression  Risk factors for psychosis
Treatment and resources for depression  Alcohol, drugs and psychosis
What is an anxiety disorder?  Schizophrenia
Non-judgemental listening skills  Treatment and resources for psychosis
Suicide figures  Bipolar disorder
First aid to assist a suicidal crisis  Warning signs of developing psychosis
Self-care  Crisis first aid for acute psychosis
The Mental Health First Aid action plan  Recovery and building resources
Alcohol, drugs and mental health  Action planning for using MHFA

Our price for these courses includes:

  • A manual for each delegate to refer to whenever needed back at the workplace
  • A workbook for each delegate including a helpful toolkit to support their own mental health
  • MHFA England accreditation certificate